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4 min readApr 26, 2021

Opening an online business can bring us many advantages as the digital world continues to grow in society. One of the greatest advantages of being digital is getting the benefit of search; it’s easy for people to look a business up through online multichannel. There are essential steps to become a digital marketing expert.

First Steps in Online Success

Set your online goal: Having a business goal when launching an online business will help you identify your “why” and how you would like to achieve your goal, then develop a detailed business plan to create different online opportunities to help you reach those goals.

Building your online presence: It’s helpful for customers to look you up online and have contact information ready; they can find more details about your shop, products, services, or customer reviews. Having an online website will increase engagement between your business and consumers.

Marketing your online presence: Once you establish your website, market your product using search engine optimization (SEO) to promote your business unpaid results or search engine marketing (SEM), a paid service that lets you buy ad space. The keyword is important to online business. Additionally, email marketing is a good way to connect with customers by sending relevant emails with marketing promotions.

Analyze and adapt: Setting realistic expectations and tracking your analytics will help you stay on track. Be willing to adjust to change technology and adapt because the world is changing. Ensure you always stay up to date; it takes time for an eCommerce business to grow and get noticed from search engines. A business owner should have an active digital marketing plan to bring in traffic. Analytics help businesses determine what is working and what is not for the business.

Plan your Online Business Strategy

The benefits of an online strategy: Having a company statement, unique selling point, what makes you different from a competitor will help you stand out. Encourage your customers to subscribe and grow your email marketing list.

Taking a business online: In this stage, you will understand how customers browse on the web, called behavior segmentation or audience segmentation.

There are 4 stages: “See, Think, Do, Care.” Keep in mind that not every session included 4 stages. Audience segmentation helped businesses identify what customer likes and increase the engagement.

Understanding customer behavior: Customer touchpoint is valuable to business; a touchpoint is when a potential customer contacts the business. Once the business can identify its customer touchpoints, it can improve the business engagement.

How to look apart from the competition: Setting your standing out point/ your niche will help you stand out from the audience. Questions to ask yourself this stage:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Who are my competitors?
  • What problems does my target audience have?
  • What problem does my target have?
  • How can I solve them?

Once these questions are answered, you will put together a company statement. Using SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) strategies to identify and understand your business. Stay up to date with your competitors.

Using goals to improve business performance: Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is the metric shows how your business and employee are doing and helping the business meet their goal.

Dive Deep into Display Advertising

Making display ads meet your goal: Using digital advertising to get your brand out to society, introduce existed customers about a new product or increase retention rate. Setting goals is good when creating advertisements because they help businesses build campaigns around those targets. Having multiple campaigns sent to different people for the right reasons will help drive traffic and increase business sales.

Understanding ad networks: Each network has its own rules, system, and features that fit each business and seller’s needs. Networks are responsible for collecting the money that shows the ads from businesses. Advertising networks also share the data with businesses; they can show you a report of how many times your website visited, clicked on, and how many times an ad shows.

How retargeting works: The first step in retargeting is to identify your target customer is. Create a specific campaign that targets those customers who abandon their shopping cart to re-engage and attract their attention.

Connect Through Email

Email marketing basics: It builds customer loyalty, relationship and increases engagement without spending too much money. Offer to send customers emails for weekly deals or discounts. Businesses need customers’ permission to send promotional emails. Don not overwhelm customers with too much information in one email, provide relevant information, ask how often your customers would like to get updates from you through email.

Your email marketing option: Email marketing service includes a customer database, email content/templates that match your business, and tracks who visit your page, analytics report. Email marketing services help you understand your customers better.

Crafting a great marketing email: Crafting a great marketing email will increase the chance of customers opening your email; people tend to open an email when they can trust it. Keep your email short and simple. Provide the most important and relevant information in the email.

Managing successful email campaigns: Create A/B testing email marketing to measure which email attracts the customer. A/B testing email marketing creates two different emails with different subject lines; whichever email has more click opening rates win. Create a relevant landing page and use analytics to measure your campaign.

Measuring success in email marketing: Click-through rate or (CTR) will help you identify the success overview of each email marketing campaign and give you the percentage of how people click open through each email. The Click-to-Open Rate gives you a realistic audience engagement by providing a total number of clicks and emails that were opened.



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