Promoting a Restaurant During and After COVID-19

The restaurant model may be changing during these challenging times, but that doesn’t mean there are not opportunities? Promoting a restaurant online isn’t just about social media.

The benefits of promoting a restaurant online allow entrepreneurs to tap into marketing channels they never thought they would. In fact, attracting passersby’s is extremely limited to food businesses that rely on foot traffic. Yes, the restaurants in the mall are the ones that would lose the most. Many businesses may notice that online marketing should be a proactive and ongoing strategy as Google struggles to keep the ad dollars flowing. All restaurants and businesses affected by COVID-19 and see some light at the end of the tunnel should seriously consider SEO, online marketing. Now is the time to plan and be ahead of the competition when everything gets back to normal.

Many restaurants use flexibility in management and service but brush aside the online part. In particular, the website presence. The advantage of promoting a restaurant online provides many benefits, from branding to customer reviews and attracting customers that happen to be in the area.

Why SEO is Paramount

Promoting a Restaurant Online

Newsletters — If you have built a database of customer emails, now would be the time to keep them updated. Use email promotions, web-only offers to target existing customers.

Flyers may still play a part in marketing?

The Benefits of Promoting a Restaurant Online.

Strategy in Promoting a Restaurant

  • The first strategy is to use social media in advertising, brand your restaurant digitally!
  • Build a mobile responsive website.
  • Regularly update the online menu and offerings.
  • Send existing customers promotional coupons.
  • Update customers through newsletters.
  • Ensure the website has been optimized via SEO.
  • Optimize content for local SEO
  • Get feedback from customers so that improvements are in place.
  • Let customers know how your restaurant is equipped in terms of COVID-19 guidelines.

Regular GMB & Website Updates

  • Changes to your restaurant’s hours.
  • Updated service availability (likely takeout and/or delivery only).
  • Precautions you’re taking to keep customers safe.
  • Promotions to help customers overcome.

Aiming for an Effective Website

Drawbacks of Promoting a restaurant online

What Next? Promoting a Restaurant

The main point is that recovery will happen when all this is over. But, being proactive and planning will separate the leaders and idea people from those businesses that are unwilling to adapt.

Promoting restaurants online is a model that will surely stick around for a long time. Of course, there are changes needed as to how the services are provided. Eat-in, pickup, and delivery will all need to be considered. But online marketing and promoting a restaurant will be a major factor in staying afloat and coming out of this as a winner.

As a restaurant, it would make sense to reach out to a local web design agency and online marketers, and see how they can help market your business.

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