Online marketing during and after Covid-19

What is it?

What is Online marketing?

Online marketing is a way of publicity marketing without physical contact, in other words, “digital marketing.” This is a very avant-garde way of marketing, but also common, marketing through computers, mobile phones, and other media to spread their own advertising to get an eye-catching effect. From 1971, Ray Tomlinson sent the first email, opening the door to the era of Internet information exchange. In 1990, the word “digital marketing” appeared for the first time, because with the popularity of computers and the improvement of network server clients, people gradually began to like and get used to seeing the world and information through the Internet and digital.

Until 2000, the rapid development of digital media has had a lot of users around the world, especially the rise of many social media sites such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and so on, leading to a large number of consumers began to rely on “digital electronic products”. “This has increased the investment and development of many businesses for online marketing. We have a lot of common online marketing methods, such as the most common “TV advertising, SMS advertising, web small window advertising…..

Covid-19 has helped online marketing.

People’s living habits are not easy to change, especially shopping habits. But this epidemic has changed the rhythm and habits of all people. In the United States, although online shopping appeared very early, it is not welcomed and used by many people because many people believe that what they see and what they can touch. Therefore, online shopping in the does not always attract many people, and most people prefer to make a physicals trip for a product. But with the occurrence of COVID-19, governments around the world felt the seriousness of the epidemic and closed businesses and gathering places.

When people can’t go out and have fun, the best way to spend time is to surf the Internet. People’s initial focus may be on the situation of the epidemic, but has only increased screen time and web activities. This is a perfect opportunity for businesses already in the online marketing arena and some what an obstacle to those new to it. In fact, it seems that Online marketing has quietly become the mainstream!

Different companies promote their products through various online channels because they know that the Internet and various social platforms have become daily necessities. Therefore, many media companies began to invest a lot in online services and publicity. The epidemic situation is that people are more dependent on the network, and the network channels are more benefited from online marketing. The popularity of online marketing leads to the rise of various multimedia companies. The success of these multimedia companies will enable future society to receive more online publicity and marketing information. It’s like a complete system and chain!

Different ways of online marketing during the COVID-19

During the period of covid-19, people became accustomed to shopping by accepting online marketing. Among them, all kinds of online marketing methods have been well received.

TV & Insert Advertising

One of the most common is to spread advertisements through TV and insert advertisements through the interval time in TV programs. This kind of online marketing is the most effective way because basically, every family has a TV, basically, as long as someone is at home will be on, so people will always see the uninterrupted advertising video, even if people do not go to see the advertisement every time, there is indirect exposure. For example, a jingle or image can stay with the viewer for a long time. Some what “brainwashing”. Although you may not care about the content of an advertisement, the human brain will automatically record it. This will help lock brands, items unconsciously.

Advertisements Are Up

YouTube ads have only increased! For example, placing the connection of their proxy products under videos. Undoubtedly, this behavior is successful, because their followers will visit these websites because they support these YouTubers. As long as there are visitors, they will definitely buy them. Some YouTubers even tell viewers directly that watching more ads on their channels will bring profits. So their followers will choose to watch the ads in order to give their favorite YouTube more motivation to make videos. It’s a very successful way of online marketing through the idea that people like something and can’t be brutally rejected.

Email Marketing

When shopping at the front line, usually when you have finished shopping, the cashier will ask for your email or recommend you to register members so as to get more discounts on this item. Often people can’t help but leave their own email to register members, and the merchants seize the customers’ psychology. During the period of covid-19, there has been an increase of email advertising. These advertisements through email had huge discounts on the cover, which made me dare not open them every time because I was afraid that I could not restrain myself from wanting to buy. It’s really a fatal attraction!

Influence Marketing

There is a very popular online marketing method in China — live broadcasting. I couldn’t believe it was true before, but when I watched this online marketing live, I was crazy because it was really special. Every day the live sellers will invite different movie stars, singers, or famous people to their studio. Then they will introduce and try different products together, which are directly contracted with manufacturers. They will tell the audience how it really feels to try the product.

This kind of sales ability is crazy, the same kind of online marketing method is loved by people. As someone will replace and guide them to buy. Similarly, this kind of network marketing method is also expanded because of the influence of famous people. Everyone is willing to see their favorite idols, idols say good products, their fans will definitely buy. This is the marketing strategy brought about by influence.

Online marketing after COVID-19.

People will pay more attention to online marketing. With the rapid development there will be more digital ways of purchasing and reviewing products and services. In fact, its somewhat impossible and people’s lives can not be separated from the Internet.

After the epidemic, all brands and companies will surely increase their investment and development in online marketing, as this is expected to be a fast expanding field.

Good digital marketing can bring huge profits and variety will create more on-line and offline sales.

Affected by the epidemic situation, many shopping malls closed, leading to changes in people’s consumption means and ways. The epidemic has created a large market for online marketing and promoted the development of many internet enterprises.

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