How to Create Engaging Headlines

Is your website too plain? Do you need more people to stay on your website longer? Engage, explore and further view your website? You’d be surprised how easily you can change this. Here are a couple of suggestions to improve, and make your website grow.

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What can you do to get visitors to not bounce off your website?

You’ve done the leg work of getting visitors to your website through effective SEO, but they just don’t stick around. One way is by using a LARGE attention-grabbing titles. You may think this is a waste of time, but attention-grabbing titles are what get people to click on and close the deal. The first thing people see is your title and if it isn’t interesting or it doesn’t appeal to them people will not click on it. From personal experience, if I am looking through search results for computer parts I am looking out for things that appeal to me. For example, if I see something that says “sale” or “lowest price” I am more likely to click on it. Some of the websites do end up being clickbait but their titles trigger the action of further exploring.

What is Clickbait?

Clickbait is false advertising that makes people click on websites or videos. You encounter this a lot on a day to day basis. For example, when you look through your email. There are a lot of emails that say, “congratulations you won an iPhone” Or “you won a trip to Hawaii” These titles make you want to click on them. The term “click bait” is a fishing metaphor. Just like in fishing when you cover your hook with a worm to make the fish want to swallow it. Same thing when displaying something. You put something super intriguing in front making people want to click on it. When they open it up it has nothing to do with t he title.

You do not want to use a clickbait title. Although it is legal you should not use it because it gives you a bad reputation. Your title is just as important as the content. If you have good quality content without a good title than no one will click on your website because nothing is saying “read me” in the title. Same thing on the other side. If you have a great title but not great content, then your readers will not be engaged for long and will eventually leave. You should avoid using clickbait as they are overly exaggerated headlines. For example the following have some mix of exaggerations in them:

  • “Unbelievable”
  • “Life-changing”
  • “Jaw-dropping!”

How to Create the ideal headline?

If your stuck, and not sure what title stands out, then try a Title Generator. For example, the online tool suggested enticing headline titles based on “Seattle Web Design”.

Such generators also allow questions to be generated. Its one method that hooks readers to continue reading. For example, the questions below lure the reader to engage and click, explore and learn.

  • Do You Need A Seattle Web Design?
  • Does Seattle Web Design Sometimes Make You Feel Stupid?
  • I Don’t Want To Spend This Much Time On Seattle Web Design. How About You?
  • If Seattle Web Design Is So Bad, Why Don’t Statistics Show It?
  • Is Seattle Web Design A Scam?
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What to include

There are a couple of things you must include when making a title.

  • The title is it must relate to the content. You can’t have a misleading title.
  • Must be interesting. For example, if I am talking about the best websites to buy computer parts from the title should be more than “10 best websites to buy computer parts from.”
  • Try to be engaging with the viewer make them think, ask a question, trigger an emotion. Try making your title spark conversation, or controversy.
  • When making a title don’t make it too long. This will make the reader bored or disengaged. Be as direct as possible don’t wander around and make your point not clear.


When making a title using a nice font can be very helpful. It shows creativity and it shows that you put effort into your website, blog, etc. On the other hand, don’t pick a font that is hard to read. You don’t want your viewer to spend a lot of time on your title it should be brief and to the point but, just enough styling so that it shows creativity and character. Also, when making your title make it bigger and mark it clearly as the title. Underline it put it in bold so that people know what the website, blog, etc. is about.

When making a website or blog make sure you show creativity. You don’t want your viewer thinking he was forced to make this.

Using color in your title can be useful or it can ruin the title. For example, Google uses color on its title and it looks good. Colors contrast differently with other colors so if you use a bright yellow on a green background you won’t be able to see it. You have to make sure that the colors contrast well. Just because you can see it clearly doesn’t mean everyone else can its good to ask for a second opinion when it comes to color coding and using certain fonts.

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The reason you should make your title LARGE is it makes it easier to read and it summarizes all your points. Making it large shows the viewer what the content will be about. When people scan through websites or articles they tend to focus on things that stand out. Very rarely will they read the entirety of the text on a web page or website. So, if you want a reader’s attention make it big. The reader will be drawn to it.

Same thing with sub-points. If you make them bigger the readers’ eyes will be drawn towards them when they scan the article.

Takeaway on Titles

Getting your website more views is a lot quicker and simpler than you think. All you need to do is create attention-grabbing title coupled with quality content. A few simple ways you can do this is by making your title bigger, in bold, underlined, and in a different color. Remember, there are wrong ways to grab people’s attention. Hence, why click-baiting is a definite NO and will only throw out false information or false advertising. In addition, a successful business will not waste the time and money in building bad reputation so Don’t do it.

The average person has an attention span of under 8 seconds keep them engaged by not making your title too long.

  • Make sure to summarize what your website, blog, etc. will be about in the title.
  • Be creative there isn’t a specific way to make a title.
  • You shouldn’t spend the least time on the title, as it will be the hook to your webpage.

Keep in mind these are suggestions be creative make your title however you’d like. Just make sure to make it engaging.

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