Black Hat Vs. Grey Hat Vs. White Hats of the SEO World

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These hats per se, are people who follow the guidelines of an SEO or those who don’t or even a little in between. SEO strategies can include a white hat to black hat practices. To give you a basic understanding of what the hats mean see it as, that the Black hats are mischievous not following the rules maybe even a little bit of hacking! The White hats can be seen as basic users on any SEO just do whatever they want within the guidelines of that SEO. The Grey hat’s I see them as the neutral they do either or of the characteristics of the two or to be a little nerdy like the Grey Jedi from Star Wars, using good and evil at the same time.

What is SEO

An SEO is Search Engine Optimization, the way it works is by gaining quantity and quality of people to the website you are promoting through the searches of those people. The SEO’s work through a way to collect content under keywords that you use to type into the Search Bar on any kind of SEO. SEO’s do this for all sorts of items like phones, computes, games, books, etc.

But this can also be any area where Black Hat’s may hide in the shadows of the websites you may be clicking on. Black Hats can put a website up on the internet, you the basic White Hat user comes across the website because you the user searched iPhone 12. You click on the website, seeming that it looks credible because of the design of the website. The reason you clicked was because the price of the phone which lead you to the website in the first place. Now you pay for the phone because everything seems fine. The Black Hat now has your info because he knew that people would click on the site because it’s a brand new phone.

A “brief description” of a Grey Hat in this situation would be someone who would download or purchase some illegal content because they searched up for example a movie that comes out in theater and the SEO configures all the websites to make sure that it’s possible that you can find what you’re looking for. So they decide to download it off a Black Hat’s website. But they themselves understand that the Black Hat’s website they download from is credible enough but is still illegal in many ways. Also they might just as well as be someone who does the same routine of a White Hat a basic user watching something like YouTube.

Benefits of SEO

The Benefits of an SEO these benefits actually help all of the candidates. There are 5 benefits to an SEO. The first benefit is advertising your website getting more influence for your website. The second benefit no paying for ads after you make an SEO you don’t have to worry about payments but, adding and improving your website can make the algorithm of search engines go to your website more. Third benefit getting more clicks than PPC which makes you pay for clicking, more people trust search engines algorithms than PPC. Fourth benefit is SEO helps PR and this can happen by getting influence of blogs etc. which helps promote your SEO. The fifth is moving ahead of the competitors using strategies of marketing and boosting credibility of your SEO.

Benefits of SEO as a business model it can be used for company leads in the business to business part of the SEO under social networks, content, blogs. Digital marketing strategies help so much with getting you to the top when using different strategies from the competitors. SEO can improve your website speed for a business you can also lose a sale on your website because of the speed itself.

Black Hat’s use these benefits to scam or use illegally in many ways they can do this by advertising a website through an SEO to scam you with ads to get you to go to their website. White Hat’s use these benefits to their advantage by making sure that they can make their SEO acceptable for everyone. The Grey Hat’s in this situation can play this into so many ways by they are the in between group so they can use really anyway to make even their SEO work as a White Hat’s does. Overall in the benefits of everything the Black Hat’s will run amuck on all these benefits because the help them too.

Case Studies

The Case Studies of the SEO follow many criteria’s to look forward to having the best SEO. Case studies work by improving the SEO your trying to work on. This can be accomplished by getting more traffic more organically, making keywords complex to be associated with the website a user is looking for, backlink with high quality help the rankings of websites. Also even updating the website on a regular basis helps the ranking of a website through an SEO.

Black Hats can infiltrate websites that haven’t been updated. But in this “Case” Black Hat’s will try to update their websites to be at the top of an SEO ranking to sell content more easily. By keeping up with content and all the examples listed above can help Black Hat’s sell content illegally but more on a competitive scale.

White Hat’s need to do this if they want to help their websites as well but they use their sites for the greater good. But White Hat’s need to use these to make a way with the competitors. Back links especially help because in a google algorithm they will put a website up in the ranks of competitors if the website has quality backlinks.

Grey Hats are in this middle where they take the chances of both Hat’s in this scenario it’s like “The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.” So really overall, the Grey Hat can follow these Case Study tips to help.


The drawbacks of SEO’s are very linear because getting relevant is hard so that is a drawback because if you’re not relevant outside your target audience it can be hard. But also the notability of yourself the more competitors will try to go after you by making their content better to outlast you.

Overall, there are a lot of parts of SEO’s especially on the topic of Black Hat’s, Grey Hat’s, and White Hat’s. As any great online marketer it’s best to opt for a service that strictly works with white hat SEO.



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