For a website to perform better than its competitors SEO (Search Engine Optimization and online marketing) and building a higher domain authority is necessary. There are many steps to achieve that, but the focus of this article is using high DA websites. In simple terms, in order to achieve high domain authority for your website, you should use relevant existing high DA websites to get you there.

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What is Domain Authority and its Importance?

Domain authority represents the predicted ranking score of a website on a search engine. The higher domain authority a website has, the easier it is to access and get attention. For a website to be viewed as credible, it needs to have a large audience. Generally, people don’t go to a website from the tenth section of Google when looking for reliable sources. The score is based on a one to 100 scale with one being the lowest and 100 being the highest. …


Seattle SEO

Seattle SEO Now is a local Seattle SEO Agency. We specialize in driving traffic and maintaining a good website ranking, standing and reputation for businesses

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